Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Maternity sewing plans

Despite Lincoln's advice to not "swap horses in the middle of the stream," pregnancy has effectively halted my progress on #2017makenine. I will share my maternity sewing plans in this post, but first I wanted to note that I have completed several #2017makenine projects, which I will blog at some point:

Simplicity 2446 Amazing Fit jacket in black summer-weight wool suiting
Simplicity 2154 vintage suit shirt in black summer-weight wool suiting
- McCalls 3128 high-waisted pants in black summer-weight wool suiting
Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt in winter-weight gray/red woolen plaid 

4 out of 9 seems a pretty good start, but (except for the Acton dress) I won't be able to sew any more of my #2017makenine until the end of September. We will see how much time I find on maternity leave for sewing! I always have less time than I think I will.

I have some maternity clothes left from prior pregnancies, but I only saved those things that fit very well, which unfortunately included limited bottoms (only 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of pants, and no skirts). So my plan had to include plenty of pants/skirts. I also needed more summer-weight tops, since my previous pregnancies were predominately in the winter. Finally, with limited time to sew, everything on the list either had to be a quick make or something that I could use when no longer pregnant! Here's what I came up with. 


My waistband pattern (drafted from RTW maternity jeans)
I have several old dress pants and jeans in my closet that are a little too big for me but still have plenty of wear left. I created a pattern for a maternity band, cut on the fold at the front and top, so the only visible seam is at the back and there is plenty of support. I bought several lengths of rayon jersey from Fabric.com via Amazon (heather gray, black (now only available in polyester jersey), and wheat), as well as some Lycra blends from S.R. Harris to use for my maternity bands. After cutting off the old waistband and shaping the top of the pants, the maternity waistbands are easy to sew into place. I am please with the fit, comfort, and simplicity of this solution! Here are the bottoms I've completed so far:

Black trousers

Gray trousers

Red jeans

Cropped khakis

I still have to modify some denim capris and a pair of shorts, which should be plenty. (I will be wearing a lot of yoga pants and gym shorts at home as well!)


For most of my pregnancy, I can wear skirts with elastic waistbands, some of which (the maxi length) can be pulled up over my tummy as time goes on, but I wanted some other options as well. I have a gray dress skirt that received the same treatment as the pants: 

Gray skirt

I also bought Simplicity 1359, a nice mix of 4 maternity patterns (OOP, but available on Amazon). I have a blue and white floral interlock knit from Jo-Ann Fabrics that I have made into a maternity maxi skirt. If I have enough of the navy Lycra blend, I will make a maternity mini skirt as well!

Maternity knit patterns

ITY knit fabric

S1359 maxi shirt (modified to a simple A line without gores)

Navy Lycra blend -- not this blue in real life!


I have several nice blouses, but wanted more summer options! Using view A from S1359 and more of the rayon jersey, I made a black and a gray tee. Rather than making fiddly ties for the sides, I just used elastic to add permanent ruching:

Black tee

Gray tee

Elastic ruching

I made two woven tops (to be worn both while pregnant and in the future), which I shared in this post: a modified Colette Sorbetto and McCall's 9542. I also refashioned one of my husband's old dress shirts to a maternity top:

I also made a maternity camisole in the wheat jersey, and will make another in the blue lycra if there is enough. I used Zoe's Cordelia camisole, available here, which fit beautifully. It's perfect for wearing under non-maternity jackets and cardigans for my air-conditioned workplace!



With a self-drafted jacket


Non-maternity cardigans will do nicely! I did have two maternity sweaters that I refashioned. I shortened the sleeves on a black and white stripe sweater with fold-over elastic:

Sorry, you can't actually see the sleeves here!

I dyed a khaki drape-neck sweater to a color I find more flattering and shortened the sleeves by shortening them into cuffs, folding over the cuffs, and serging:


In the Folds Acton dress

I have a nice maternity dress, but was able to make the In the Folds Acton dress (view B will fit a good way into pregnancy) in a teal cotton blend from my stash and McCall's 7530 in a interlock jersey knit from S.R. Harris.
Used view A

Overall, a pretty ambitious maternity sewing schedule! I think I've already made good progress, and I do have July off as I transition between jobs, so hope to finish up maternity sewing that month.

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